Welcome to Research Junior Football Club

We are an award winning all-inclusive junior football club dedicated to the development of our kids, boys and girls, in a family friendly environment.

We welcome new players and families! Come join!

Research Junior Football Club is an award winning, all-inclusive, family orientated and successful junior football club offering teams for Boys and Girls from Under 9’s to Under 17’s for boys and through to Under 18’s for Girls.  We also provide a fun Auskick program to provide kids the opportunity to develop their skills before playing competitively.

Perched on top of the hill with its stunning outlook at Research Park, Research JFC is affiliated with its teams playing in the Northern Football League. We pride ourselves, as a junior only club, on being solely focussed on the development of our kids, with an outstanding football program and in a fun and family friendly environment. Research JFC also has an affiliation with the Lower Plenty Football Club to provide a pathway for our players as they progress to senior football.

Grand Finalists 2018


Registration 2019


Registrations are now open for 2019 and you should have received an email over the past few days inviting you to re register for 2019. The link in the email will take you directly to the Research registration form. If you didn’t receive an email or are having difficult registering, please contact Lisa Keenan on lisakeenan1@bigpond.com


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